Kayaking To Cumberland Island: A Great Adventure

Kayaking to Cumberland Island, Georgia, is indeed a great adventure! Cumberland Island has a rich and storied history that draws thousands of visitors each year. But most people come for the abundant marine and wildlife as well as for the stunning views. As if seeing Cumberland Island wasn’t spectacular enough, it is even better when viewed from the cockpit of a kayak. Kayaking gives you an up-close and personal connection with the nature you’ve come here to enjoy — a priceless connection that only paddlers would understand.

Dolphin are abundant in the waters between St. Marys and Cumberland Island, as are River Otter. During the warmer months, Manatee and Loggerhead Sea Turtles can often be seen feet from your kayak. If it seems like they’re “playing” with you, they probably are. These animals are curious and social, and are likely to come up and check you out or just “hang around” awhile as if escorting you along your way. Not as social, but certainly remarkable, are the giant Manta Rays we often see FLYING out of the water in the Cumberland Sound. These rays are huge — spanning several feet across and making tremendous splashes when they land.

Once on the island, you’ll be greeted by wild horses simply walking around practically everywhere you look. Alligators are another island resident that you may see as you approach the island by kayak, but are more likely to be viewed in a freshwater pond on the island. Raccoons and armadillos are perhaps the islands most abundant animal residents; but, by far, ticks, no-see-ums and mosquitos are the most abundant creatures on Cumberland. I wouldn’t worry about the larger animals; but definitely take insect repellant no matter how you get to the island!

Kayaking to Cumberland Island also gives the adventurous paddler access that others simply don’t have. Places like Plum Orchard and Brickhill Bluff are miles North of the northernmost Ferry dock — much too far for the average visitor to hike to and from before their ferry leaves for the mainland. But kayakers can paddle right to Plum Orchard in less than 2-hours. Plum Orchard is not in ruins like the Dungeness mansion nearer to the ferry docks. In fact, there is often a volunteer actually living in the mansion and giving tours certain days between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

For campers, the paddle to the most remote campsite on Cumberland Island — Brickhill Bluff — is only about 12-miles (approximately 4- 4 1/2 hours for most people). This is definitely not a trip for beginners; but with a little training, anyone can do this trip. The campsite is right on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), so paddlers can camp right out of their boats without having to pack and hike inland to their campsite. Tired from a long day of paddling, you’ll be delighted to listen to the Dolphins blowing in the Brickhill River as you drift off to sleep.

All in all, Cumberland is truly a gem of nature; and the best setting for that gem is the one you create by putting yourself in a kayak and heading East to Cumberland. If you’re a kayaker — or simply a nature lover — you need to add a kayak trip to Cumberland Island to your list of things to do. This is one paddling adventure you’ll want to repeat again and again.

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Top 5 Risks Travellers Face in Adventure Travel

Sun basking on the beach with glass of cocktail in the hand may not be an ideal holiday style for everybody, thus a new form of holidaying – adventure sports holidays or adventure travel has become really popular. Adventure sports holidays are where travellers get an opportunity to try their hands at adrenal gushing and challenging activities such as mountain climbing, exploring caves, mountain biking, rafting, bungee jumping etc.

Because of its popularity, adventure travel coupled with adventure sports has become a part of the itinerary of almost all camping sites, resorts and hotels around the world that wish to provide their clients with something extra to do on their stay with there. Inclusion of adventure sports surely adds excitement and thrill to a traveller’s halt, but this comes with potential dangers which loom high on personal safety.

Top five risks involved in adventure travel are listed below:

1. All adventure activities and sports include dedicated gear, which is vital and should be used at all time while carrying out an activity. The gear is properly tested before use and almost all activities are carried out in a close observation of an instructor, whose main motive is to maintain your safety and make sure you adhere to all the safety requirements, but there can be a small chance that the safety equipment may fail. Therefore, safety is always an issue with adventure activities.

2. Mountain climbing can be a risky affair because as you travel uphill, the density of the oxygen in the air keeps decreasing which makes breathing difficult. If first aid is not administered, this can lead to chest pain and acute headaches, which if untreated, can lead to heart attack.

3. Mountain biking can be fun until cyclists try to do a little extra. Mountain bikers are at a risk of altitude sickness (as discussed in risk of mountain climbing above) and are also very prone to accidents because of the rough terrains selected for biking.

4. When you hit the water in a raft, you are always wearing a life jacket and are accompanied by an instructor. But the river current can flip you off the boat. Thus, while rafting you’re always at the risk of drowning or injuring yourself in the water.

5. Caving or cave exploration is one of the most thrilling adventure activities. Activity depends on the cave and how travellers negotiate squeezes, pitches, waters and rocks. Though caving has become safer with safety equipment but still travellers and adventurers are at risk of falling rocks, floods, falling, hypothermia and fatigue.

If you are a holiday maker seeking thrill in outdoor activities, you will run on the thin line of hope because there is a lot of risk involved, you could get seriously injured or worse, you could even end up losing your life. Therefore, it is also important to carry out adventure travel insurance or extreme activities travel insurance in case you’re planning to indulge in extreme sports. These insurance types can financially protect the whole family on the trip against various risks involved in adventure travel and extreme activities.

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